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We make all moulds to the size you require so that you get as little waste as possible
when you cut your soap.
 We  now make moulds in HDPE plastic this a heavy durable material, the HDPE moulds are usually reinforced with steel struts in the larger sizes,
All moulds are made to come to pieces completely for easy cleaning and removal of soap.
 Lining of soap moulds Cold Process Soaps usually need lining, we can supply a polyester film liner which is reusable and makes no creases in the moulded soap.
 Melt and Pour Soaps do usually  not need lining with these HDPE moulds
      Professional Moulds
Large HDPE moulds as used with Hydraulic cutters with steel reinforcing bars for the larger sizes.

Log or Loaf Moulds made to go
 with the hand or loaf cutter
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