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Moulds in larger sizes can be very heavy and care should be taken when lifting and moving them around the work place .
We make dollies with braked wheels that fit the base of the mould , this means you can fill a mould in one location and then move it away while other moulds are filled , later taking it to the machine for cutting.
The mould lift is designed to move loaded moulds around , you can drop the mould off  to set , later picking it up and move it to the hydraulic machine applying the rear brakes ,where you can lift the loaded mould onto the machine , without strain on the operators.
The H1H and the H1H E  Hydraulic soap cutters are designed with a low loading height onto the machine for safety, together with the mould lift  designed  to fit snugly around and over the machine taking up as little space in the workshop is a very useful addition to the workplace.
Mould Lift  £430.
Dollies from £38
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