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We have been designing and making soap cutters and moulds since 1998  each machine made to the customers needs, with strength and durability together with safety for all soap makers.
The Hand cutter is an ideal way to start cutting uniform bars used with the log or loaf moulds which give two of the dimensions of your finished bar, it is a very strong machine which will last many Years, only needing to be replaced when you decide to change the dimensions of your bar.
H1H Hydraulic soap cutter first made in 1998 is a well tried and tested machine working in various parts of the world.
We have recently designed the Melt and Pour bar cutter which will cut glycerine soaps as well as cold process soaps, this cutter can be ordered with the harp spacing of your choice. 
Moulds can be ordered to any inside dimension you need to get the most from your soap recipes .
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