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H1H Foot Operated Hydraulic Soap Cutting Machine
 This soap cutter is a heavy machine designed to cut large blocks of cold process soap up to 430 mm x 430 mm 550 mm
 Cutting slabs accurately on the first cut, then into logs on the second cut, the third cut being into bars.
Or using a cross harp with the two largest dimensions, for the first cut then the second cut into bars, saving trime.
 The harps are fitted with steel wires set to the spacing you order, each wire is individually tensioned by tensioning bolts. Removing four bolts, changes the harps, with the harp you need.
  The machine is portable with its own wheels and is foot operated needing no electricity, the cutting table has ample room for stacking the cut soap.
 The harps needed will be dependent on the size of soap you want to cut and moulds used.
 The maximum inside dimensions of the harps or frames are 430 mm x 430 mm this allows a soap block size of 430 mm x 430 mm to be cut , the depth of the cut is dependent on the size of mould, but the H1H has a maximum depth of cut of 550 mm
Hydraulic machine ready loaded with a large block of cold process soap
The final cut using the Hydraulic  soap cutter into individual bars
Mould Lift with Mould and Foot Operated Hydraulid Soap Cutter
Mould Lift lowering the heavy mould onto the Hydraulic Cutter
Hydraulic machines can be fitted with cross harps saving even more time when cutting
Prices  from H1H Hydraulic machine  £1,717
500 bars can be cut with this machine in less than 15 minutes  including the time to change the harps.
 can be fitted with a base plate to fit the mould bottom so that the mould can  be de  moulded on the machine , this requires moulds to be ordered for the particular size of harp used.  

You will need harps with spacing of your choice.
We can make cross harps which reduce the cutting time
  3 Wire Frame Harp £30
4 Wire Frame Harp £320
5 Wire Frame Harp £ 335
6 Wire Frame Harp £350
7 Wire Frame Harp £365
8 Wire Frame Harp £380
9 Wire Frame Harp £395
10 Wire Frame Harp £410
11 Wire Frame Harp £425
12 Wire Frame Harp £440
13 Wire Frame Harp £455
14 Wire Frame Harp £470
15 Wire Frame Harp £485
16 Wire Frame Harp £500
Each harp comes with a HDPE cutting block to fit the harp

 5 Wire Frame Harp £321
  6 Wire Frame Harp £325
7 Wire Frame Harp £338
8 Wire Frame Harp £351
11 Wire Frame Harp £390
14 Wire Frame Harp £429
15 Wire Frame Harp £442
 16 Wire Frame Harp £455
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