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The Melt and pour cutter will cut loaves or logs into bars of equal size each time, we can make the harp wire spacing, when you order to cut  the size of bar you want.  
It can also be made to cut slabs into loaves or logs if you use tray moulds, before cutting into bars.
Prices from £1,961
Shipping at cost  
Time taken to cut a log or loaf of soap into bars is 40 seconds including the time to load and unload the machine
The Melt and pour cutter will cut Melt and pour soaps, cold process, hot process and  re made soap .
It will not cut soap with fibrous additives such as thick stems or loofa.   
The Melt and pour cutter is a free standing machine needing only a plug pluged into the home or workshop  electricity supply 240 volt.
It is operated by using two hand levers one on the left hand side of the machine and the other on the right hand side , this is to enure that the operators hands cannot be at risk. The machine has a perspex  door which must be in the closed position before machine can be started as an extra safety measure.
Models  shown slab and bar cutters
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